About Germany

A country in the heart of Europe

With 9 neighboring countries, Germany connects north and south as well as eastern and western Europe. What ever image you might already have of Germany, you can be sure to discover a country with many surprising facets:

  • From the Alps in the south to the North and Baltic Seas, traveling through Germany, you will find landscapes that are beautiful in very different ways.
  • Germany has calm agricultural towns as well as pulsating cities with vivid cultural and sub-cultural life.
  • The country is a leader in modern technology and science on the one hand and has a broad range of long-standing national and regional traditions on the other hand.
  • Germany has a fascinating history. You can visit places that date back to medieval times! You will also be able to learn more about the last century that was marked by the dark chapter of the 3. Reich, the separation of Germany into two parts and the still ongoing unification process of Europe.
  • German Christmas traditions are famous: Experience the atmosphere of sparkling Christmas markets!
  • German might not be the easiest language to study, but it’s definitely worth the effort! It’s the language most spoken in Europe and will open many doors for you. If you want to know some more good reasons to learn German, click here.
  • Theatres, movie and music festivals, classical and pop concerts – you will find all this in many German towns.

As an exchange student in Germany, you have the unique opportunity to learn about this country, its people and its culture. Take your chance!

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